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The Diamond 101 is a lightweight Grade 1 Kashmir Willow bat featuring a Natural finish and dynamic grip. This bat is Made in India under licence for GM.
  • Endorsed by Ben Stokes
  • Light weight bat for Junior players
  • Concaved shape profile for light pick up
  • Surface Cracks and Indentations can occur with this product when using a hard ball. Kashmir Willow can deteriorate on the face but this will not detract from the bats performance.

Size Chart

Size :

  • H
  • 6
  • 5
  • 4



  • Grade 1 Kashmir Willow
  • Made in India under licence for GM
  • Natural Finish
  • Dynamic Bat Grip


Since 1885 blending over 130 years of expertise with the love of the game. All GM DXM English Willow bats are made by our own staff in our own factory in Nottingham, England. Gunn and Moore make the finest cricket bats in the World. Pick up a GM cricket bat and you will instantly know from the balance, finish and ultra-high quality presentation that this is English Design and Craftsmanship at its very finest. Our world leading DXM process implements the findings of a 5 year research programme into bat materials and manufacturing technology. Substantial investment in research, expert advice and machinery means:
  • Superior wood conditioning improves the stability and consistency of willow pre-production
  • A new paperless design process using state of the art CAD (Computer Aided Design)
  • Quantum improvements to the vital pressing operation
  • Blade crafting by advanced CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) GM is Made by England’s Best